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To our valued customers,


As you may well already know, cross-country freight rates continue to soar and we have read that these rates could be 35 to 50 percent higher this upcoming Summer. Finding drivers continues to be an issue for many companies. Therefore, many carriers are concentrating on dedicated runs and contract business while neglecting to handle seasonal upswings. Rates will sky-rocket this Summer and some distributors will be hard pressed to fill their warehouses. We will do our best to stay on top of this situation and have instructed our buyers to go out 90 days in order to stock the products you require to run your businesses. However, we also wanted to take the time to make you aware of these obstacles we are all facing.


Many plants are also experiencing labor issues which hurts them in keeping up with production. This is why we have all seen or heard of price increases in products such as polypropylene, fruit, beef, pork, chicken and raw materials in general. Thank you for your understanding with these issues. Again, we will do our best to get over these hurdles ahead of us all.


Mike Peck

General Manager

Peck Food Service






To our valued customers,


Before I share with you what safety measures we are taking here at Peck Food Service, I want to take a moment to share with you that the single most important matter for us is for all of you to stay safe and healthy.  This challenge that the COVID-19 outbreak represents to you and your families is certainly not similar to anything any of us has ever seen before.  However, we will get through this.  Throughout history, Americans have always risen to meet whatever challenges and obstacles have been thrown our way.  We will emerge stronger than ever.  What is important now is that we all work together and do our part to fight through this pandemic.


As for us at Peck Food Service, we have taken the following precautions to help prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus:

• Daily meetings to update managers regarding COVID-19.

• The temperatures of all employees are currently being taken upon their daily arrival to work before allowing them to report to their daily duties.

• Drivers have been given disposable gloves to use at each of their stops as well as spray bottles with disinfectant spray.

• We have limited contact via will calls by asking all customers to place and pay for their will call orders over the phone thus prohibiting people from walking in to place their orders face-to-face with our employees.

• We are prohibiting all non-essential visitors and outside contractors.

• Our warehouse staff has been asked to prohibit interaction with all delivery drivers and limit their movement within our warehouse.

• Our warehouse and office regularly sanitizes door knobs, desks, keyboards, etc.

• We have posted the President's Coronavirus Guidelines for America, information concerning the symptoms of COVID-19, as well as organizational and personnel measures throughout our buildings.

• Managers have been instructed to maintain active managerial surveillance for ill/symptomatic employees and to send anyone home if they are feeling ill.

• We are practicing “social distancing” by trying to keep at least 6 feet of distance between each other when possible.

• Washing hands regularly.


As you can see, we are doing the best we can under these current circumstances.  Our family has proudly served your family since 1954.  We have taken great pride in serving you and providing you with dependable service over the years.  As we work through this pandemic together, we want to thank you and wish that you stay safe and healthy.



Mike Peck

General Manager

Peck Food Service



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        From our family to yours, I would like to welcome our new customers and to thank those who have been with us for your business. We will strive to meet your needs with the best service and products around.


~ Steve Peck., President

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